Thursday, March 4, 2010

NOPD under investigation by FBI

The FBI has opened two new CIVIL RIGHTS investigations of NOPD's actions post Katrina. One of them is regarding the killing of Danny Brumfeld Sr. who according to police, "inexplicably leaped onto the hood of a moving police cruiser and tried to attack the officers inside, making a "stabbing motion" with a pair of scissors." Brumfeld was shot with a single shotgun blast, to his back. Please note that this incident and subsequent investigation are separate from the Danziger Bridge shootings which have gotten a lot of press. To date, the number of active civil rights investigations of NOPD is at least seven.

Here are some links regarding NOPD shootings post Katrina:

Additionally, there are reports (my neighbors witnessed this) of police killing dogs indiscriminately.

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